Friday, March 16, 2012

Returning to work after 2.5 years

By Michelle from Sydney (and a CareerMums user)

"After 2 1/2 years out of the workforce and when your days are scheduled around parks, playdates and hanging out with other mums, the thought of being able to have an adult conversation, let alone one about your career can seem daunting to say the least. I was constantly scanning seek and job boards for the job which would allow me the all important "work/life balance" when a job on CareerMums jumped out as the perfect job for me. I applied and couldn't believe it when Kate rang and scheduled a telephone interview and was even more overjoyed when I got my first interview. Panic over what to wear set in but alas playgroup that morning involved my mum friends bringing various bags, shoes, and accessories so almost instantly I looked the part.

Kate was amazing at coaching me through what they might ask at interview and how although being at home with two kids may seem the ultimate in multi tasking, it is much more impressive talking to prospective employers about past work examples!

I was overwhelmed by reaching second interview stage but by this point, my confidence had improved and I felt focussed and hoped that I could impress the company as I really loved the sound of the job. When Kate called me to say they offered me the role I was literally jumping for joy.

However, as soon as the excitement past I was completely daunted by the juggling of work and my kids as my youngest was not in day care. Thankfully, my parents were here from the UK so they filled in in the interim but I phoned the entrire database of child care in the Inner West to no avail. My only option then was to try and find a Nanny, that in itself is hard trying to interview; the cost etc (as no rebate) so I couldn't believe it when a lovely daycare said they had a spot for both of my kids. They have just had their first induction today and they love it!!!

I am so happy that I have managed to find that work/life balance that I know now can exist. My parents live in the UK and my sister works full time. This in itself has always put me off trying to find a job, also that I wouldn't find a day care for my kids. However, all this aside I have to say to all Mum's out there you can work, juggle the kids, and what more for a reward than getting time to drink a coffee when it's hot and go to the loo uninterupted. Bliss."

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