Friday, May 7, 2010

Paid parental leave update - help get it through Parliament

After many decades of campaigning, Paid Parental Leave is finally within reach. As we are all aware, the Federal Government has introduced the PPL bill into the parliament.

However, there has been some recent uncertainty regarding the opposition parties' response to the bill and there remains concern as to whether the passage of the bill will be supported.

In order to make it clear that the general public expects a fully operational scheme to be up and running by 1 January 2011, the ACTU proposes to present a petition to the federal Parliament in early June.

To have maximum impact, they are inviting you and/or your organisation to take part in collecting signatures on the attached form over the next 4 weeks.

The aim is to have at least 10,000 signatures to deliver to the Parliament and media during the PPL debate.

Attached is a properly constituted petition, complying with the parliamentary rules, to ensure it can be officially tabled in Parliament.

Please gather as many names and signatures as you can and post them back to Giulia Baggio at the ACTU, Level 6, 365 Queen Street, Melbourne, 3000. Giulia can be contacted on 0409 141 038 - by 26 May.

Please note that under parliamentary rules, no photocopied signatures are allowed.

On behalf of all participating organisations, the ACTU will deliver the petition to an appropriate MP to table in parliament and will organise media activities to support the launch of the petition.

Download the petition form here:

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