Friday, April 23, 2010

More on cost of childcare

The cost of childcare is getting out of hand, and in some cases, is forcing women out of the workplace. Even if it does not directly affect your circumstances, it is an important issue that impacts on our children (now and in the future) and workplace productivity.

This week, the Government has decided not to build anymore childcare centres because there are too many childcare places available - see the following article:

No doubt there are childcare places available because families can no longer afford the cost of childcare. And yet, there has still been no discussion on the cost of care or the locations of these childcare centres that have places available. The Federal Government should have purchased ABC childcare centres when they had the opportunity. This would have enabled the Government to streamline education requirements of carers, pay them a decent wage (public service scale), and keep a cap on childcare fee increases.

If you would like to register your concern, send us your comments to We will collate your responses and send them to Minister Kate Ellis who is in charge of Early Childhood Education.

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Anonymous said...

We have a government that not understand the concept of the general welfare. The thinktanks and bureaucrats are as much to blame as the elected politicians most of whom simply do what they're told by thinktanks and bureaucrats. Thus, it is not at all surprising that child care costs are out-of-control. So are housing costs, water costs and electricity costs. These phenomena appear to be intentional, for they all have relatively simple solutions