Friday, March 19, 2010

Parental leave checklist for employers

Retaining employees is becoming a priority for employers as the talent pool starts to shrink. Retaining working parents should be a priority and it doesn't have to be difficult. Showing that you care and identifying how you will stay in touch are key to their return.

Use our checklist below for guidance. View our Working Parents Toolkit and Parental leave Program Toolkit - these tools may be perfect for your organisation:

Use this summary checklist to help managers prepare for an employee’s parental leave:

* Provide your staff member with the company parental leave information and parenting pack.

* Establish a communication plan with your staff member.

* Discuss the prospect of flexible work arrangements with your staff member on their return to work. (NOTE: The employee and the manager need to be aware of the flexible work arrangements policy, and procedures they need to follow to request a flexible working arrangement when the time comes to return to work.)

* Discuss and plan the gradual transition from work to parental leave e.g. finding a replacement and insuring instructions have been written so the replacement person can transition into the role effectively.

* Discuss with your staff member how they would like to be communicated with while on leave. What information would they like to be kept in the loop with and how often?

* Send out a communication to the team and others before the staff member leaves notifying them of the finish date and what will be happening to the position during your staff member’s absence.

* Plan which meeting minutes the staff member would like to have distributed to them while on leave.

* Seek out if the staff member can have remote access to work systems such as the internet to keep abreast of company news and changes as they occur.

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