Friday, August 21, 2009

Are you happy with your job?

Many parents who have returned to work are no longer satisfied with their career. Career can sometimes play second fiddle to the demands of raising a family, or perhaps your career path has flat lined because you have decided to return to work part time.

If you are happy with your career and the choices you have made, that's great. You absolutely have to be happy with your situation. For those that aren't, you can change the story. Start thinking about doing a health check on your career.

Some tips to get started:

- Talk to your manager if you have been doing the same job for a long period of time and you are dissatisfied. Create a change for yourself.
- Make sure you apply for suitable internal jobs that match your experience. If a full-time person is required, build a case for job sharing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
- Also, make sure that your salary is in line with salaries being offered for similar roles in the job market. Refer to online jobs boards, newspapers, or talk to a recruiter. If your salary is below average, put forward a case to your employer.

You are skilled and experienced. More than likely, you have invested time and money in educating yourself. Start talking and be heard.

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