Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mums and recruiters

Beware recruiters! If you want to be taken seriously when you re-enter the workforce, find a job yourself. This is my advice to parents returning to work after countless conversations and surveys.

Why is there such a disconnect?

Firstly, many recruiters are in their 20's and early 30's. Typically, they do not have a family yet so they have no understanding of the daily challenges you face when balancing work and family. Furthermore, they tend to be paid poorly and have a commission structure so it is all about a fast turn-around.

Secondly, most recruitment firms base their fees on a full time role so this reduces the likelihood of their clients advertising a part time role.

In general, recruiters are not equipped with information and advice for their clients on how to shape their future workforce - which includes offering more flexiblity to attract great talent.

Thankfully, we are starting to see a few boutique recruitment firms that place flexible roles such as such as www.priorities.com.au.

While you wait for recruitment firms to catch-up with the needs of the future workforce, consider the following options to find a job; let your network know you are looking for work, actively approach companies that you are interesting in working for, consider career change opportunities, and keep an eye out on CareerMums.


ICT said...

Very often, your cover letter will be the first thing that a recruiter looks at when he sits down to do that all-important first sift. It is your first opportunity to leave a lasting and favorable impression and as such it should work every bit as hard as your resume, if not more so, to convince him that you are the best match for the job. Remember, the employer is looking for a really outstanding candidate and if your cover letter is in any way sub-standard or does nothing to tempt him into reading your resume, then he will not waste any further time on your application.

Liz said...

While your comments on Recruiters is sadly true too often, there are others who are professionals, worth their weight in gold.

After raising 4 children while building a hugely successful international business in Direct Sales I've done 3.5 years' corporate IT Recruitment, starting from scratch. I'd say the value I offer is exceptional to clients and candidates (check my profile on www.linkedin.com)

The other side of the coin is c companies who are good at their business but poor at the hiring process. They often don't know who or what they are looking for, and really need a business-minded people expert in this area. Also to manage the process through, which requires constant alert and professionalism.