Thursday, July 16, 2009

Always ask prospective or current employers about workplace policies

Did you know that astute women in the early 20's now ask prospective employers about their parental leave and flexible work arrangements policies before they agree to work there?

I certainly didn't - and I am 35 (not too old!). 15 years ago, I was not thinking about having a family and there was little or no talk in the media about workplace flexibility. Women are now more aware of their rights, obligations, and their valuable contribution to the workforce.

Don't be concerned about 'putting off' a prospective by asking these questions. It is far better to know upfront if they are a flexible and family friendly employer.

These questions will be alot easier to ask when you are confident in your own abilities and skills, and you can confidently demonstrate how your skills and experience match the role you are applying for.

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