Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Should you work as a permanent part time employee or a casual employee?

Every week, CareerMums receives questions from our users on a range of topics including career advice, career options, employment law, resumes and more! Below is a question we received recently, with our response:

Question: I'll be returning to work shortly after a period of time on maternity leave. I'll be joining a new employer and have been offered the choice of accepting either a part-time or casual employee. I'd like to know if you can provide me with advice on how to accurately calculate the financial comparision between both options, hence aiding in my decision on which to accept.

Answer: It is hard for me to assist without knowing all the information. Ask the HR department to do the calculations, and get them to specify your entitlements as they will differ e.g. treatment of leave days. In addition, please refer to the following web page for more information that may help: http://www.careermums.com.au/resources_useful_services.php#workplaceresources

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