Monday, September 15, 2008

Group Interviews

Recently, one of our users asked me about how to approach a group interview. She was looking to re-enter the workplace and was very nervous, so needed a few tips and hints. I gave her some tips, and without knowing the outcome of the interview yet, she was really pleased with her interview performance and felt very confident.

This is what it is all about - developing the confidence again to handle interviews regardless of the outcome. An interview is about 2 things: how well suited your are to the role based on your experience, and whether you as a person would be suited to the culture of the organisation. You are who you are, and sometimes your personality may not suit the role you are going for.

These are the tips I provided:
- Ask for information on the group interview before it happens. What is the structure of it? What will you be required to talk about?
- Just be prepared. Stick to how your skills will benefit the job you are going for.
- If you can back up your skills with previous experience, be ready to do so – both paid and non-paid work!
- Do not talk about your family circumstances. It is no one’s business but yours.
- Gauge the interviewer. Get a sense of what he/she is like. Do they prefer short answers or do they want you to elaborate? React to this as the job interview is just as much about finding the right style of person who will fit the organisation as well as tapping into your core skills set.
- Make sure you look good! If you feel good, you will radiate confidence. Ensure your outfit is chosen at least 24 hours before!
- In a group situation, it can sometimes be intimidating for some people. You will need to speak up and promote yourself when the time is appropriate. Remember: if you don’t, no one else will!
- Shake off being nervous – it is another experience and if you don’t succeed, review what you need to do next time and move on to the next challenge.

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I use a group interview style to explain to the potential employees what we do, in a time effective manner. I will typically ask for other staff members to be present. The purpose of the group interview is for the potential employee to come back to us and say they are still interested in working for us, it is not necessary for them to impress me at that stage, they can save that for the one on one interview - however I would probably note negative attributes.

Heather Smith FCCA, B.Comm (Accounting & Finance)
BRISBANE MYOB Certified Consultant & MYOB Trainer