Monday, June 23, 2008

CareerMums joins forces with Westfield in ‘We Are Family’ campaign

Kate Sykes, founder of, will be providing back-to-work advice for parents in Westfield shopping centres around the country as part of Westfield’s inaugural ‘We are Family’ campaign.

‘Parents need to know that they are a wanted resource in the workforce. As the national skills shortage kicks in, there are fast becoming more opportunities to work flexibly. And many employers are targeting return to work parents because of their skills, experience, loyalty and maturity. For some parents who have been out for longer than 2 years, it may mean some re-skilling, a confidence boost, and a game plan to get the ball rolling. We are here to help.’ Said Kate Sykes.

Between June 16 and August 10, ‘We Are Family’ will host approximately 160 free, interactive events on a diverse range of topics at 32 Westfield centres across the nation for mums to learn, share and meet other mums in the community.

Some of the topics include:
• Working Mums Club
• DIY Make Over
• Toddler Tantrums
• First 12 Months
• Mum Coach

For more details, check out the new ‘We Are Family’ website at

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