Monday, November 19, 2007

Submitting a business case to work flexibly

Employees who wish to negotiate flexibility are often asked by their manager to write a brief or proposal outlining the need for flexibility and how they envisage it working. Whilst this seems like a logical approach and reasonable request, the reality is, that without a guide on how to approach and write such a proposal, employees struggle to construct and outline a case that addresses all the criteria and considerations the employer expects. Manager’s use this business case as the ‘make or break’ deal maker to determine if they will approve the employee’s request. An unfavourable outcome can lead to disappointment and resentment on both sides.

Limit disappointment and think smart. Ask your employer to provide you with a template that outlines and itemises all the things that you are expected to consider and address such as working hours, work you will perform at home versus the office, and how your clients needs will be affected.

Do you have any suggestions for people wishing to present a business vase to work flexibly?

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