Thursday, November 15, 2007

Press release: WorkChoices not on the radar for parents looking to secure job flexibility

Over 95% of respondents were indifferent or felt less secure in negotiating flexible working conditions with the introduction of WorkChoices, according to a new survey of 216 respondents by, Australia’s first online job classifieds website connecting skilled parents to flexible and part time jobs. However, 73% of respondents have negotiated or are planning to negotiate flexibility with their existing or new employer.

Kate Sykes, Director of said “These results suggest that WorkChoices is not playing an integral role in negotiating workplace flexibility. The national skills shortage seems to be providing greater impetus for skilled workers to negotiate flexible working arrangements informally with their employer.”

Close to 80% of respondents felt that our politicians were not properly addressing key issues faced by parents returning to work. And yet, 57% of respondents stated that the issue of child care would impact their vote in the upcoming election.

Kate Sykes, Director of, hears the frustration of women on a daily basis. “Workplace flexibility and cost of child care prove to be a continual barrier in parents returning to work sooner. Women now account for nearly half of our workforce. With the national skills crisis getting worse, politicians need to make a change now.”

When asked about Labor’s proposed 50% child care rebate being paid every 3 months, close to 60% of respondents said it would make some difference or a huge difference in terms of re-entering the workplace or working more days.

Interestingly, the top 3 forms of child care our respondents either prefer or currently use are long day care (30%), a family member (29%) and family day care (13.6%).

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