Thursday, April 14, 2011

The state of the workforce

Last week, I met with one of the Big 4 banks to discuss recruitment issues. This bank's biggest challenge is finding quality candidates for a huge number of roles they have across the country - in particular regional areas. Some of these roles include branch manager roles that come with a six figure salary. And they are willing to consider job share.

Basically, their current candidate sourcing channels are not working - hence our discussion. They are looking for alternative channels to tap into people like you. This is one of many business examples that demonstrate that there is a shortage of quality candidates.

What does this mean for you? Better opportunities to negotiate flexibility and the opportunity to find better quality flexible roles that reflect your qualifications and expertise.


Anonymous said...

Great article for me to read :

I am very interested in working for one of the big 4 in particular as I have heard many of my fellow school mums praising this particular employer for flexibility and job satisfaction ( many of them have been working for this Bank in one area or another for ten years or more).
I am preparing myself for a new path come Monday morning I am ready to re-train and will be contacting whomever I need to in order to find out the facts.
I have excellent customer service skills a proven track record although not for a bank ( Motor Vehicle Industry).
But will this translate to a career locally based which allows me to make it to my children's Assembly item ?
I will now get back to my Resume' and will no doubt be contacting you directly for assistance.

Dianna said...

I find this very interesting, I went back full-time as there was hardly any part-time work and I am struggling working full-time that my hubby and I decided I look for part-time but as mention they are not common roles anymore. Especially in the industry I work in which is Insurance. They are also complaining about lack of experience staff yet wont offer part-time roles. Maybe if they did they get the staff they need. My work place wont offer me flexibility beside one day off a month. I cant do it I need part-time and being only a medium size broker best they can do really.

Idamur said...

I recently applied for a job in a major bank. They were far from flexible to new candidates and the pay was very low. I have no doubt that once in the bank and you have proven yourself they would become more flexible but a mother returning into the work force needs to have that peace of mind up front. However, it is good to know they are thinking about it.

Silvy John said...

Agreed that there may not be adequate quality candidates in the market. But the question that arises is two-fold. How does the Resume alone convince prospective employers to consider recruiting or for that matter atleast getting to be considered for the role, the stay-at-home mom who has lost considerable number of years experience but is confident of resuming back on job once selected.
Secondly, is there some form of on-job training kind of opportunities that can render qualified moms to be self-confident and get them back in the groove?
Qualified candidates amongst the moms is definitely not an issue, the issue is getting them back to work where they should belong. And it can happen only when the employers are readily willing to consider such prospective employees by recognizing the working gap and giving them a chance.

Cass said...

My question is how do you discover 'job-share' opportunities when a role is advertised as full-time? I would not apply because I know that as a working-mum I cannot realistically work full-time. I wouldnt want to waste my time or the employers by applying/interview etc. In my experience it is generally frowned upon to suggest it and you would immediately go to the bottom of the pile if you did... said...

Thanks Cass for your post. I am an eternal optimist and a believer that often employers have not thought about the option of flexiiblity of working the role as a job share role. If you can't work full time, what havew you got to lose? I know of a woman who submitted an application for a full time teaching role by including a friend of hers (also a teacher) to work this role as a job share role. It happenened to be at a girls only school and they played on the argument that it was important to demonstrate to the students that when they grown up and have a family, that they could still continue their career. It was a smart move and they successfully negotiated the role as a job share role.