Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Women on Boards

I am continually delighted at the amount of talent we see at CareerMums. Which is why you should consider board positions. There has been media coverage recently on the need for more gender diversity on boards. Boards require a range of knowledge and expertise. Some pay for your services and some don't. Board positions can also be remarkably flexible. Boards tend to meet monthly or quarterly. Your input is required throughout the year and this can be done by email, phone, fax, skype etc. For more information on board positions, visit Women on Boards or the Institute of Company Directors. Approach the Office for Women in your state and see if they have a register for you to add your details.

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MyCarBudget said...

Developing a culture that respects mothers that return to work should be a priority for all businesses. This is a good example of how a company has disregarded the employee's career and it happens all of the time to mothers when they first start a family. Many times the discrimination and the kitchen chatter is very suttle.

Funnily enough people with their own young families are just as guilty or doing this as are have not started a family.