Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting back to work after 17 years

Every week, I receive many questions from CareerMums users asking for advice on getting back to work. Here is a recent question and answer:

Q: I've been looking after my children for 17 years. I'm in a position now where I need to find work. I would like to work in womens fashion but because I have 4 children I really need to work mum hours. Can you help me or maybe point me in the right direction.I am hard working, reliable, and honest.

A: My advice is to contact a preferred women’s fashion outlet and ask for flexible hours. Employers are starved for good workers and they are quite willing to offer flexible hours for the right staff now. Be confident and ensure you add your non-paid work to your resume – even though you have not been getting paid, you have still been working so think about things that you have done that can be transferred into work speak. For example, Tuck shop duty – customer service, handling money, working in a team. I know that Sportscraft is now targeting employees aged 30 and over because the clothes they sell attract women of this age group - it makes sense!

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