Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Start asking questions

I had an interesting discussion with a woman the other day about negotiating flexibility. She, like many others, was ready to throw in the towel because her manager was not willing to consider her proposal.

I wanted her to fight for a better work arrangement with her existing employer - it can happen if there is a game plan to work with. To get her moving, I decided to use her children. I asked her if she typically encouraged her children to give in at the first sign of trouble. Her answer was no and it got her moving in the right direction.

One thing we seem to stop doing after having kids is asking. How long since you have asked for the following things:
- a salary review
- a performance review
- a career path
- training and education
- flexible work arrangements
- a more senior position

Change the story today. Approach things differently. Back yourself and see how you go. My guess is that you will see some action.

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