Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flexible recruitment for tips for employers

- If you are considering flexibility in your business, look beyond customer service, telemarketing and administration roles. There is a huge amount of untapped talent offering marketing, accounting, legal, media and creative (just to name a few) expertise. Consider this: skills, experience and expertise in exchange for flexibility.

- In a job advertisement, steer clear of the line 'ideal for students or mothers returning to work'. Quality candidates will run from you. The two market segments are worlds apart when it comes to experience and salary range.

- Recently, I have been talking to more and more employers who are offering training to prospective employees. The national skill shortage is making it harder for employers to find the exact personality and matching skill set for the job. So the idea is to find quality candidates who offer some of the skills you are looking for - and then provide them with on-the-job training to meet the skill requirements for the job. When you think about it, it takes any new employee around 3 months to settle in, understand the processes, and follow procedures.

- As the skills shortage tightens, it will become more important to consider how your business can utilise mums returning to work. The skills and experience you are tapping into is enormous. Consider how flexibility can be incorporated into ALL areas of your business, rather than administration, customer service and telemarketing roles only.

- Job share is an ideal option if you are having trouble filling a full time position. It can work particularly well if the 2 employees know each and their work styles are similar. Communication is critical in a job share role so ensure a communication plan is in place to ensure a smooth transition of work during the week

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