Saturday, June 6, 2009

Have you heard of crowdsourcing?

If you are starting your own business, tender your work to an online community. If you need to design a logo, website, source images, or have other graphic design needs, you can now send a brief and budget to the worldwide web. These services are great if you have minimal funds to spend. Some of these websites include 99Designs, ScriptLance, or iStockPhoto.

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Clayton Wehner said...

Hi there CareerMums,

We recently used crowdsourcing for a logo design contest on - for our new website at

The design contest cost approximately AUD $350 and we received about 30 design concepts for our logo. It was difficult to choose the final logo because the quality of the responses was so good.

If we had have 'sole sourced' the work to a single graphic designer, then we would have paid around the same amount of money, without the luxury of choice that we were presented by the online contest.

I would highly recommend using and other crowdsourcing websites in your business. We also use elance to great effect.

Clayton Wehner