Monday, May 26, 2008

20 cheap and easy family friendly ideas for your business

Becoming family friendly does not have to be an expensive process. Here are some ideas to implement straight away:

1. Schedule meetings within normal working hours;
2. Ensure your staff take their annual leave in the year that it is due;
3. Negotiate flexible start and finish times;
4. Allow staff to have a say in rostering arrangements;
5. Introduce make-up time so staff can make up hours if they need to attend an appointment;
6. Allow your staff to use their sick leave entitlements to care for family members;
7. Broaden the definition of 'family' (to include more distant relatives) for the purposes of bereavement leave;
8. Provide information on local contacts to help staff find child care, school holiday care and elder/respite care;
9. Provide an emergency phone for employees to contact family members (eg an older child sick at home);
10. Allow staff to take annual leave in single days;
11. Allow staff to use work mobile phones for emergency family reasons;
12. Discourage weekend work and staying back late in the office except in exceptional circumstances;
13. Introduce a 'keep in touch' plan for staff on maternity leave;
14. Hold a 'Bring your Child to Work' day or a family picnic day;
15. Allow leave without pay for cultural purposes;
16. Extend social events such as happy hours to families and partners;
17. Consider the needs of partners and families in any relocations and movements;
18.Introduce a workplace policy for breastfeeding employees;
19. Include a summary of your company's work and family policy in a letter of offer to new employees;
20. Put work and family issues on the agenda to discuss at the next round of negotiations for your workplace agreement.

(Source: DEEWR website)

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