Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What information should you receive when you announce your pregnancy?

As part of sound management practice, the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission recommends that managers should consider providing information to all staff on:

•Any pregnancy and parental leave rights and obligations applying at the workplace under an award or agreement.

•The legal right to unpaid maternity leave at the time of employment, including:
-the qualifying period of employment for an employee to access maternity leave
-the need for the employee to provide notice of an intention to take parental leave, and a medical certificate indicating the estimated date of birth
-the maximum duration of maternity leave
-whether leave is paid or unpaid
-that the employee is entitled to take part or all of any accrued annual leave or long service leave instead of, or in conjunction with, unpaid or paid maternity leave
-notification requirements and processes if the employee wants to extend maternity leave
-the right of the employee to return to her former position following maternity leave
-the necessary processes if the employee wants to vary hours on return to work
-information on complaint or grievance procedures if an employee feels that discrimination has occurred.

•Any workplace specific occupational health and safety considerations for pregnant women.

•The employer’s commitment to a non-discriminatory workplace.

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