Monday, October 1, 2007

Is working at home for you?

Working from home is something most of us would love to do. Being able to structure work around your family is so appealing. The question is – are you the right type of person to work from home? If you are strict with your time, organized, motivated, and household chores won’t distract you, working from home just might be for you. On the flip-side, working from home can be lonely and you may crave the social interaction that comes with being in the workplace. Attending a team meeting each week or visiting your clients regularly might solve this problem. Working from home may also appear to be a solution to the issue of childcare. From my own experience, this is not the answer if you are expected to be on call during the day. Toddlers will want your attention and it doesn’t matter what you are doing. Finally, if working from home is for you, make sure your home office is set up with a computer, broadband, phone, and fax.

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