Monday, October 8, 2007

How self confidence can get you that job

For many mums out there, self confidence can be the biggest problem holding you back from applying for a job. I often hear excuses like ‘I will wait until next year because we are going away soon and Christmas is around the corner etc .’ If you want to work, there is nothing stopping you. Certainly child care arrangements need to be made and your resume needs to be updated. You may also need to invest in a refresher course. I have experienced low self confidence on returning to work 7 months after each of my children were born so I can imagine how much that compounds if you have been out for longer. But in the end, it won’t do you any good. There is a job out there with your name written on it and you’ll love it. You need to value the skills you have picked up from being a parent and think about how you can adapt these skills for the workplace. Another thing - look in the mirror and talk about yourself. Are you being nice? Make sure you talk positively about yourself at all times and stop apologizing – it is a trait we can all live without!

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