Friday, September 28, 2007

Ways to go about researching the job market

Talk to everyone you know! Let family, friends, and your Mothers Group know that you are looking for a job. If you communicate your desire to return to work with other people, you never know where a job lead may come from. You should also search online and in newspapers. Useful job classifieds websites include,,, and You can also approach recruitment firms that specialise in flexible roles such as Flex Professionals, Dare Two Share, and Priorities. Take specific note of the skill required in the jobs that interest you. If you are a current member of an industry association or professional group, start attending functions to network and understand current issues. For example, the Australian Marketing Institute. Start reading! Start buying the paper and trade magazines. Consider temping or contract positions to start with to give you a taste of returning to work. Visit the Equal Opportunity for Women Agency website. You will find it at Visit the section that covers employers who have family friendly policies.

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