Sunday, September 20, 2009

Key learnings at RecruitTECH conference

Lat week, I spoke at a conference in Canberra called RecruitTECH. The conference was about how employers and recruiters are changing the way they source talent - specifically by using technology. I spoke about using technology to access a flexible and remote workforce.

I want to share with you some interesting information I picked up at the conference.

Good-to-know statistics:

- 41% of all employed people provide care (ABS, 2009), i.e. you are not alone!
- Back in 2007, 31% of employed people worked some hours from home. 81% worked from home for 15 hours per week or less.
- By 2050, 26% of the population is projected to be 65 years and over, in comparison to 15% of the population being 0-14 years.
- IBM allow 140,000 employees around the world to work from home i.e. it can be done

Technology you should be aware of:

- Cloud computing
- Online demonstrations, presentations:
- Share powerpoint presentations:
- crowdsourcing:
- crowdsourcing:

The latest benefit to working remotely for your business case proposal:

- Green IT. It is about saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint

Social networking

- Whether you are working or not, set up a LinkedIn account ( It may become your resume in future. Connect with friends and colleagues. Use it as another channel to find employment. LinkedIn is now being used by recruiters to research candidates so keep the content professional.
- Facebook is more of a social medium. Still, be very careful about what you post. You can never recall content you add to Facebook so don't bother being rude or crude. You never know when it might go against you, in particular, employment opportunities.

Interesting websites for employment opportunities:


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Clayton Wehner said...

Kate - thanks for presenting at RecruitTECH. Your presentation was excellent and was well received by all delegates at the conference. I hope that you will come along to RecruitTECH in 2010!

Clayton Wehner